White Spot

White Spot

Murray Leinster

Language: English

Pages: 39

ISBN: 1434431029

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The planet did not look promising, but they had no choice. When a ship's drive blows between star systems, it has to be fixed. If metal parts must be recast and machined, and burned-out wiring has to be pieced together and insulated by hand, the job takes literally months. And if, then, getting home is a matter of more months of journeying with a drive that still limps, while coughing and cutting off for seconds or until it is tinkered with—why, the traveler has to find some way to renew his food supply. Even on an alien planet. Even on an alien planet with intelligent life…

This edition adds a Biographical Introduction and a Selected Bibliography of Murray Leinster's novel-length works.


















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