U.S. Army Special Forces "Hand to Hand Fighting" Manual

U.S. Army Special Forces "Hand to Hand Fighting" Manual

United States Army

Language: English

Pages: 129

ISBN: 2:00001620

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One of the major goals of Special Forces training is the development and maintenance of skills required to ensure maximum chance of survival and mission accomplishment. Many of their missions require operating deep within enemy territory where the possibility of engaging in hand-to-hand combat increases. The soldier trained only in the use of his basic weapon loses his effectiveness if his weapon fails to fire or breaks. The soldier skilled in hand-to-hand combat can continue fighting to defend himself, engage the enemy, and accomplish the mission.

This manual provides:

1. Commanders and staffs with a basic reference for training Special Forces soldiers in hand-to-hand fighting techniques
2. Instructors with basic techniques, programs of instruction, and methods for certifying student proficiency.
3. The individual soldier with a reference from which he can continue to develop and practice his hand-to-hand fighting skills on his own.




















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