The Spanish Foreign Legion (Men-at-Arms, Volume 161)

The Spanish Foreign Legion (Men-at-Arms, Volume 161)

John Scurr

Language: English

Pages: 51

ISBN: 0850455715

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Although overshadowed by its French counterpart, the Tercio de Extrangeros, 'Regiment of Foreigners' has a rich and eventful history beginning with its formation in 1920. Under the command of LtCol Millán Astray and Comandante Francisco Franco, the Spanish Foreign Legion developed into a formidable force, led by Astray's belief that 'to die in combat is the greatest honour.' This book examines the main campaigns in which the Legion participated, from Melilla in 1921-23 until its withdrawal from the Sahara in 1976. A wealth of contemporary photographs and colour plates detail the uniforms and insignia of the Spanish Foreign Legion.

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