The Philosophy of Humanism

The Philosophy of Humanism

Corliss Lamont

Language: English

Pages: 371

ISBN: 0931779073

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Released by Humanist Press in its degenderized eighth edition, this powerful book is the definitive study of the history and growth of the humanist movement in North America. Renowned philosopher and activist Corliss Lamont offers a vigorous argument for humanism and provides an affirmative, intelligent guidebook for shaping a better life in today's complex world.

This version of The Philosophy of Humanism is the Eighth Edition, Revised 1997 (First Printing, April 1997; Second Printing, March 2001) and was prepared by Half-Moon Foundation, Inc.

The Philosophy of Humanism was originally published in 1949 as Humanism as a Philosophy.













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