The Night My Friend: Stories of Crime and Suspense

The Night My Friend: Stories of Crime and Suspense

Edward D. Hoch

Language: English

Pages: 275


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An incredible assortment of stories from one of history’s masters of short fiction
On the morning of the merger, fog shrouds the offices of Jupiter Steel. On the twenty-first floor, the board of directors gathers to follow the commands of Billy Calm, an unequaled titan of finance. But a few minutes before the meeting, Calm jumps out a window. The chief of security rushes to the street, but where there should be a body, he sees only slush; Billy Calm has vanished into the fog.
“The Long Way Down” is a classic Edward D. Hoch story—elegantly baffling, with prose that will please even the most hard-boiled fans. But this collection contains much more than puzzles. Here are the odds and ends of Hoch’s early work, covering espionage, boxing, and every shade of noir—as beautiful as the fog, and as chilling as the first step off the ledge.  



















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