The Lawman's Holiday Wish (Kirkwood Lake)

The Lawman's Holiday Wish (Kirkwood Lake)

Ruth Logan Herne

Language: English

Pages: 138

ISBN: 0373817363

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Second-Chance Christmas

No one in Kirkwood Lake seems willing to forget, or forgive, Rainey McKinney's troubled past. But Rainey can't afford to let that bother her. Her top priority is rebuilding her life and being a good mom to her twin daughters. Even handsome deputy sheriff Luke Campbell can't distract her, tempting as he is. She's determined to keep her distance, but as his son and her girls form a special bond, Rainey and Luke can't help but do the same. Can Rainey put her past behind her once and for all and embrace a future full of hope--and love?

Kirkwood Lake: A town full of heart and hope.



















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