The Kinsella Sisters (Lissamore Series, Book 1)

The Kinsella Sisters (Lissamore Series, Book 1)

Kate Thompson

Language: English

Pages: 277

ISBN: 1847560997

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Home is where the heart is...

Free spirit Rio Kinsella finds herself settled in the picture-postcard village of Lissamore on Ireland's West Coast. It's where she took her first step, had her first kiss and conceived her beloved son Finn. But now Finn's spread his wings and flown the nest, what's to keep her here? An old flame and a new prospect may provide the answer... City girl Dervla is poles apart from her bohemian sister. A businesswoman with a quick mind, a hard heart and a nose for a good deal, she has no time for love. But is there anywhere she can really call home? And will the arrival of a new client throw her glossy magazine life-style into disarray? Torn apart by a long-standing feud, the Kinsella sisters are reunited upon the death of their wayward father. But on clearing the family home, they discover a secret so intriguing it could change their lives forever... Welcome to blissfully unpredictable Lissamore. It's guaranteed you'll never want to leave...

















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