The Infinite Library

The Infinite Library

Language: English

Pages: 546

ISBN: 0984603786

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Book 1: The Infinite Library

Follow Alberto Gimaldi, code-cracker and bibliophile, as he unravels the mystery of an infinite library and discovers the treachery of the librarian Castellemare. What is the hidden plot of the library, and how will this impossible place set into motion a catastrophic narrative by the artful textual manipulation of unwitting agents in the real world? What is the buried and secret connection between all text and all life? A novel of dark mystery, infinity, and a compelling story for all those who love books and book-related enigmas. Codes, ciphers, and the sinister await those who would set foot inside the Infinite Library. This is the first book of the trilogy.

Also available:
Book 2: The Infinite Atrocity
Book 3: The Infinite Grey













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