The Dialogical Therapist (Systemic Thinking and Practice Series)

The Dialogical Therapist (Systemic Thinking and Practice Series)

Language: English

Pages: 276

ISBN: 1855755602

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Several good books exist about systemic understanding in therapy and a few about dialogic understanding. However, none exist that try to bridge the gap between these two world views, which have some similarities, but also a whole array of differences.

The most striking difference between these two world views is the very vantage point for observation each of them holds. According to systemic theory, we exist only in and because of the network of relationships we are embedded in. In dialogic theory, we inhabit different worlds, and we need dialogue in order to make them communicate with each other. Putting these different views together poses problems but is a good dialogic exercise as well. The author found it increasingly necessary to undertake this exercise as he felt more and more uncomfortable with the more conventional versions of Batesonian systemic wisdom he had adopted in previous years, while at the same time he could not feel convinced by some of the new ideas about dialogue.

















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