The Age of Globalization: Anarchists and the Anticolonial Imagination

The Age of Globalization: Anarchists and the Anticolonial Imagination

Benedict Anderson

Language: English

Pages: 283


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

History is forged through the travel of ideas across continents--as well as by bombs. The Age of Globalization is an account of the unlikely connections that made up late nineteenth-century politics and culture, and in particular between militant anarchists in Europe and the Americas, and anti-imperialist uprisings in Cuba, China and Japan. Told through the complex intellectual interactions of two great Filipino writers--the political novelist José Rizal and the pioneering folklorist Isabelo de los Reyes--The Age of Globalization is a brilliantly original work on how global exchanges shaped the nationalist movements of the time.


"A curious yet riveting history … both exciting and important."—Guardian

"Fiercely, movingly local, concentrated on a handful of remarkable men and fateful years, but also expansively global."—T.J. Clark, London Review of Books

"Fascinating insights into the global flow of anarchic and anti-colonial ideas."—Publishers Weekly

"A formidably erudite and beautifully illustrated study."—Independent

















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