Stalking The Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness

Stalking The Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness

Itzhak Bentov

Language: English

Pages: 127

ISBN: 0553207687

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"A paraphysical odyssey....Dazzles the imagination and causes you to rethink everything you ever thought you knew about the nature of reality.... A landmark in man's new attempts to integrate realities within and without."—(Jean Houston, The Foundation for Mind Research)

"A brilliantly executed theoretical romp through the universe....To do all this with humor and suspense is indeed a major accomplishment."—(Dr. Montague Ullman, Maimonides Medical Center)

"A beautiful presentation of the elements of consciousness, creation, and matter."—(John C. Lilly)

"A ground-breaking work. Clear, imaginative, and inspiring, it offers a revolutionary image of the human mind and universe."—(Dr. Stanislav Grof)

In his exciting and original view of the universe, Itzhak Bentov has provided a new perspective on human consciousness and its limitless possibilities. Widely known and loved for his delightful humor and imagination, Bentov explains the familiar world of phenomena with perceptions that are as lucid as they are thrilling. He gives us a provocative picture of ourselves in an expanded, conscious, holistic universe, showing us that:

* Our bodies mirror the universe, down to the working of each cell.
* We are pulsating beings in a vibrating universe, in constant motion between the finite and the infinite.
* The universe and all matter is consciousness in the process of developing.
* Our brains are thought amplifiers, not thought's source.
* The universe is a hologram. And so is the brain—a hologram interpreting a holographic universe.
* We can instantly reclaim any information ever known.


















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