Social Networking: Mining, Visualization, and Security

Social Networking: Mining, Visualization, and Security

Panda Mrutyunjaya

Language: English

Pages: 313

ISBN: 3319344137

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With the proliferation of social media and on-line communities in networked world a large gamut of data has been collected and stored in databases. The rate at which such data is stored is growing at a phenomenal rate and pushing the classical methods of data analysis to their limits. This book presents an integrated framework of recent empirical and theoretical research on social network analysis based on a wide range of techniques from various disciplines like data mining, social sciences, mathematics, statistics, physics, network science, machine learning with visualization techniques and security. The book illustrates the potential of multi-disciplinary techniques in various real life problems and intends to motivate researchers in social network analysis to design more effective tools by integrating swarm intelligence and data mining.





















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