Slag Attack

Slag Attack

Andersen Prunty

Language: English

Pages: 148


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A slag is what survivors are calling the slug-like maggots raining from the sky, burrowing inside people, and hollowing out their flesh and their sanity. Slag Attack features four visceral, noir stories about the living, crawling apocalypse.

"The Devastated Insides of Hollow City" - Hack detective Shell joins in the insane search for a girl named Pearl, who just might hold the key to restoring order.

"Vincent Severity" - A woman is taken hostage by a very severe man in a sleazy El Camino.

"Corpse Mountain" - Two guys named Cobra and Commando chug gasoline and help build grotesque robots to save the world.

"All Alone at the End of the World" - Re-introduces Shell in a radically different light, building to a ferocious conclusion.











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