SFX's Unofficial Star Wars DVD Viewers' Guide

SFX's Unofficial Star Wars DVD Viewers' Guide

Language: English

Pages: 79


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

George Lucas is a towering figure in the galaxy of big screen sci-fi entertainment. Few movies have changed cinema the way Star Wars did back in 1977 and even beyond their cultural impact, the original trilogy are still great movies - for a certain generation they’re cinematic comfort food, the sort of films that make you feel happy and entertained even though you know every single line. These viewing guides will make that experience even better. Ever wondered who that weird alien lurking out of focus at the Rebel briefing at Sullust is? Wanted to identify the changes between the cinema and DVD versions? Struggled to spot the in-jokes in the prequels? Your prayers are answered, because we’ve gone back through all six Star Wars movies to give you a fan’s ultimate viewing experience, complete with DVD timecodes. You’ll even find out who asked Boba Fett to be best man at his wedding. It's a complete unofficial viewing companion to all six films, from the makers of the world's number one sci-fi magazine, SFX. Remember, the Force will be with you, always.















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