Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model (Introducing)

Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model (Introducing)

Language: English

Pages: 120

ISBN: 0735679606

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Use a Hybrid Cloud solution - combining cloud storage with on-premise storage - and help dramatically decrease costs while increasing scalability and agility. This book offers focused, concise insights on technical considerations, benefits, and tradeoffs, so you can begin planning for implementation.

  • Explains, in both practical and strategic terms, how a new enterprise storage model can solve multiple challenges
  • Delivers focused insights on architecture, access, backups, snapshots, data redundancy as a service, dedupes, capacity, data lifecycles, storage tiering, archiving, externalized blobs, storage consolidation, compression, bandwidth, and privacy and security planning
  • The author is an expert for cloud storage technologies and is well known in the networking technologies community













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