Practical Application of Nadi Techniques

Practical Application of Nadi Techniques

K. B. Gopal Krishnan, Rama Gopalakrishnan

Language: English

Pages: 110

ISBN: 2:00087102

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


i. Acknowledgments
ii. About the author
iii. The need to share these favourite & practical techniques
iv. Introduction & dedication
v. Some insights about Nadi reading
vi. Preface by K.N. Rao

Part A
1. Bhrigu nandi nadi
2. Basic techniques with illustrations

Part B
3. My understanding of the principles of nadi techniques
4. 35 golden rules to be followed
5. The importance of transits of the slow moving planets
6. Transit of Saturn
7. Transit of Jupiter
8. Transit of Rahu & Ketu
9. Planets & quality of events for all the twelve signs
10. Transit of Saturn over natal Saturn
11. Handy table of events based on trasit of key planets in the 12 signs
12. Handy table of key transit planets on key natal planets

Part C
13. Transits & exceptions to the general rule
14. Nadi & profession
15. Fall in career
16. Dasha & antar/bhukti
17. Nadi & karakas

Part D
18. The timing of events in nadi astrology
19. Amshas and nadi
20. The editor's note

Comment: The author has a fascination with ancient palm leaves & how they may be read, with a view to predictive work. One reason nadi predictions are successful, according to the author, is because of transits of Jupiter & Saturn to the lords of the various house cusps. If you're a western astrologer peeking in here, note this: Not the transit of Saturn to a natal planet per se, but trasit of Saturn to a house ruler, eg, lord. Saturn imparts an energy to a lord which transfers it to the house it rules, producing a result in keeping with the house in question.
















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