Political Theory After Deleuze (Deleuze Encounters)

Political Theory After Deleuze (Deleuze Encounters)

Nathan Widder

Language: English

Pages: 216

ISBN: 1441150889

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Recentpolitical theory has shifted decidedly towards ontology, the ‘science of being',and thus towards examining fundamental concepts of identity, difference, space,and time. This new focus has reinvigorated questions concerning the nature ofpower, meaning, truth and agency, inspiring novel approaches to individual andcollective subjectivity, the emergence of political events and the relationshipbetween desire and politics. In this new study, Nathan Widder shows how Deleuze's philosophy both inspires and pressesbeyond political theory's ‘ontological turn'.

Linkinghis thought to current political theory debates, Widder explains how Deleuze'sphilosophy and ontology of difference are cashed out through a micropolitics ofcreative and critical experimentation. He further demonstrates how Deleuze challengesideas of identity and the subject that still dominate both political thoughtand practice today. Connecting Deleuze to key figures in both classical andcontemporary political philosophy, from Plato and Aristotle to Hegel,Nietzsche, Lacan, and Foucault, this book will be of interest to students andscholars in political theory, philosophy, and related disciplines, looking toengage the emerging field of Deleuze studies.





















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