Outlaw (Beyond The Dome)

Outlaw (Beyond The Dome)

Steven Bowman

Language: English

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1:00032089

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Non-stop, high octane action, fueled by vengeance and extraordinary circumstances.

Caught in the crossroads of dimensions, an outlaw, who goes by the name of Harvey, must travel through wicked lands plagued with bounty hunters and stone cold killers who are all trying to claim an exceptional price tag which was placed upon his head by a government which wants him dead and are willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure it. The price for Harvey’s head: Eternal Life.

With no memory, he woke in a strange land unaware of his past that warranted such a bounty on his head, and after Abby, the woman with whom he shared the same unfortunate circumstance with, was captured, he set out to find the people responsible for her capture and to find out why they want him dead, and why they are willing to offer a substantial reward such as Eternal Life for his head.

But is he prepared for the road ahead?

Is he willing to accept the burden that came with knowledge?

Can he handle the tragedy that came with this existence?


For better or worse, can he change it?













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