Oriland Balloon Ride: Fabulous Origami Hot Air Balloons

Oriland Balloon Ride: Fabulous Origami Hot Air Balloons

Yuri Shumakov, Katrin Shumakov

Language: English

Pages: 134

ISBN: 1511413417

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Oriland Balloon Ride will show you how to make fabulous origami hot air balloons of various shapes from the classic "inverted tear drop" balloons to the sophisticated round balloons à la Montgolfier!
Begin your origami balloon adventure! Do-It-Yourself - fold these fantastic volumetric designs, created by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov! There are one-piece balloon designs as well as multi-piece balloons, consisting of a balloon envelope and a basket, connected together without any glue, just using clever paper locks. Balloon envelopes differ by shapes, types of locks, quantity of pieces of paper (modular and one-piece) and quantity of sections. There are two types of baskets presented with these origami balloons - the Square Basket and the Round Basket. In the in-depth introduction to the book, the authors are shedding light on Oriland origami balloon designs, its different variations and gives practical advises, so that you will have all the insights to begin your origami balloon fiesta fun!
There are 530 detailed step-by-step colorful vector- and photo-diagrams with thorough written instructions and 100+ photos of examples of completed projects that will guide you through folding the 11 original origami designs. For every project, there are recommendations on paper type and size including an indication of the size of the completed model. The designs are intermediate and complex level of folding and are a good challenge for the novice folder as well as an enjoyable experience for the expert.
Fold these unique cheerful designs of hot air balloons! They can be a wonderful decoration and a treasured gift for your friends and family. Have a wonderful and fun time with this book creating a whole fleet of fabulous origami hot air balloons! Happy folding!

For free downloads of printable balloon patterns and more details on this book, visit our website at http://www.oriland.com/store/books/oriland_balloon_ride/main.php

The designs included into this book are: Hot Air Balloon (Modular Envelope, Outside Top Lock), Square Basket, 1-Piece Hot Air Balloon (Outside Top Lock), 1-Piece Tubby Balloon (Outside Top Lock), Hot Air Balloon (Modular Envelope, Inside Top Lock), the 1-Piece Hot Air Balloon (Inside Top Lock), 1-Piece Tubby Balloon (Inside Top Lock), Montgolfier Balloon (8-Module Envelope), Round Basket, Montgolfier Balloon (4-Module Envelope), Montgolfier Balloon (1-Piece Envelope).











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