Mission to the Heart Stars

Mission to the Heart Stars

James Blish

Language: English

Pages: 78

ISBN: 0380579685

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Into the heart of the Milky Way!

Earth wants to join the incredibly powerful Federation of the Heart Stars. But first, an expedition mys journey to the center of our galaxy to be accepted by the ancient and advanced civilization of Malis, the leader of the Heart Stars.

After receiving space directions on the Mars moon of Phoebus, the earth expedition proceeds into the uncharted vastness of space. Streaking faster than the speed of light, they venture where no man or woman has ever been before, to strange--and dangerous--planets. But the biggest peril of all awaits them on Malis itself, where the fate of earth will be decided!

Originally published 1965.




















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