Missing (Good Reads)

Missing (Good Reads)

Language: English

Pages: 45


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Missing is based on a true story.
Luc Caron lives in northern France during World War I. One day, he sees three airplanes fighting in the sky. Luc watches in horror as a plane flips over and the pilot falls to his death. Luc is the only witness.
The Greenwoods own an apple farm in Canada. Their son, a pilot, has been missing for 11 years. in 1928, they receive a package from England. The package contains a letter and three objects found at the site of a plane crash.
How is the mystery of the missing pilot solved, bringing peace to Luc and to the pilot's parents?
This book is a quick and easy read for people on the go.
















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