Josephine Tey: A Life

Josephine Tey: A Life

Language: English

Pages: 482

ISBN: 1910985376

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Josephine Tey was the pen-name of Elizabeth MacKintosh (1896-1952). Born in Inverness, MacKintosh lived several `lives': best known as Golden Age of Crime Fiction writer `Josephine Tey', she was also successful novelist and playwright `Gordon Daviot'. At one point, she had plays performed simultaneously in the West End in London and on Broadway, and even wrote for Hollywood - all from her home in the north of Scotland. Foreword by Val McDermid. ""One of the great achievements of this biography is Ms. Henderson's demonstration that her subject led a deeper romantic life than had been supposed.... Reveals the moving story of Elizabeth MacKintosh's life with tact and superior investigative tenacity.""-The Wall Street Journal












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