Inside Out

Inside Out

Susan X Meagher

Language: English

Pages: 380

ISBN: 0989989534

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In Washington, DC, a town hungry for gossip, it’s political blogger Kit Travis’s job to feed the beast.

A failed relationship with a high-profile politician taught Kit the beast has claws. For self-preservation, she retreats into the shadows of the internet.

At a charity dinner, Kit meets Bailey Jones, a strikingly pretty software engineer who turns heads with her androgynous sense of style. Bailey challenges Kit’s priorities and her preconceived beliefs about herself. As they begin to fall in love, Bailey reveals that being out and proud as a couple is integral to her happiness.

But once Kit gives up her cherished privacy, there’s no turning back. Can a woman who values her anonymity like a treasure abandon it for the sake of love?












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