Imperfect Partners (Pleasure Partners, Book 4)

Imperfect Partners (Pleasure Partners, Book 4)

Ann Jacobs

Language: English

Pages: 43

ISBN: 2:00210681

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Book 4 in the Pleasure Partners series.Mutilated and exiled from Earth because he helped his brother, former Star Commander Conan finds himself on the Pleasure Planet, Obsidion. Broken and humiliated, he dons the white robe that signifies his new status of complete eunuch—until a famed cyborg and sexbot maker restores his manhood with a large, unique…colorful appendage.The friends who rescued Conan have found him a mate, Nebula. She, too, knows shame and the pitying stares of others, because she carries the dreaded mutant gene. She was sterilized by order of Earth Federation.Nebula craves the touch of a real man, but thinks it is forever denied her. Conan is more than ready to satisfy her desires with his new bionic equipment, but he fears rejection. Two damaged people, yearning for what they have lost, seek fulfillment in each other’s arms.


















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