How to Count (Programming for Mere Mortals Book 1)

How to Count (Programming for Mere Mortals Book 1)

Steven Frank

Language: English

Pages: 59


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Programming for Mere Mortals" is a series of books designed to introduce the concepts of programming from the ground up to a reader who has never written a line of code.

Unlike most programming books which aim to teach you a particular language or operating system, this series focuses on the core fundamentals that are common to programming any computer.

In a laid-back, conversational tone, "How to Count" introduces you to math topics that are essential to becoming a successful programmer, including:

- Numeric bases (decimal, binary, hexadecimal)
- Signed vs. unsigned numbers
- Floating point and fixed point arithmetic

This short, easily understood book will quickly get you thinking like a programmer.

Steven Frank has been a professional programmer since 1994, and co-founded the well-known Mac software company Panic, Inc.












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