Geometry II (Universitext)

Geometry II (Universitext)

Marcel Berger

Language: English

Pages: 415

ISBN: 3540170154

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is the second part of the 2-volume textbook Geometry which provides a very readable and lively presentation of large parts of geometry in the classical sense. An attractive characteristic of the book is that it appeals systematically to the reader's intuition and vision, and illustrates the mathematical text with many figures. For each topic the author presents a theorem that is esthetically pleasing and easily stated - although the proof of the same theorem may be quite hard and concealed. Many open problems and references to modern literature are given. Yet another strong trait of the book is that it provides a comprehensive and unified reference source for the field of geometry in the full breadth of its subfields and ramifications.




















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