Generating Buy-In: Mastering the Language of Leadership

Generating Buy-In: Mastering the Language of Leadership

Mark S. Walton

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0814409059

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the workplace, marketplace and public arena, the ability to influence people's thoughts and feelings - to generate their buy-in - has become the #1 leadership skill.  

Complete with examples, practical exercises, sample business scenarios, and a foreword by William Ury PhD, coauthor of the international best-seller "Getting to Yes," Generating Buy-In imparts a simple and actionable approach to even the most complex leadership, management, sales or marketing challenges. 

It will empower you to:

* Design a strategic story that projects a positive future to your audience
* Speak the language of buy-in with images that mold people's thoughts and emotions
* Put this language to work, whether your goal is to inspire an audience, lead a team, raise sales or win an election.

In this short, potent book, author Mark S. Walton, a Fortune 100 leadership consultant and former CNN Chief White House Correspondent, will show you how to design and implement the communication methodology used by leaders such as General Electric's Jack Welch, Intel's Andy Grove, President Ronald Reagan and even Winston Churchill. Spend a few hours with this book.  It will pay benefits for the rest of your career and lifetime.

Selected as one of the year's top 30 business books by Soundview Executive Summaries, Generating Buy-In is an indispensable resource for leading and succeeding in today's fiercely competitive world!


















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