G.W.F.Hegel: An Introduction to the Science of Wisdom

G.W.F.Hegel: An Introduction to the Science of Wisdom

Stanley Rosen

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0300016883

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"This is a brilliant book and an important contribution to Hegelian studies in English. It attempts to provide a comprehensive summary of the Hegelian system as a whole that is technically accurate and faithful to Hegel’s intention.... A brilliant explication of the character of Hegelian logic . . . required reading for all Hegel scholars." – Journal of the American Academy of Religion

"Stanley Rosen’s book . . . is scholarly, sympathetic and critical, indeed the final chapter is an incisive critique of Hegel’s central epistemological position." – Times Higher Education Supplement

"Rosen critically evaluates the Hegelian system with reference to The Science of Logic and The Phenomenology of Spirit, and against the background of an analysis of all Hegel’s major works. With a scholarly precision and a clarity due to order, paraphrase, and recapitulation, the author presents a new comprehensive interpretation of Hegel’s work." – D. A. Haney, Library Journal

"Those who have admired both the scrupulous scholarship and passionate seriousness of Rosen’s earlier books will not be disappointed with the present work." – James Ogilvy, International Philosophical Quarterly

















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