Flash Winners: A New E-Commerce Model For Success

Flash Winners: A New E-Commerce Model For Success

David Abikzir

Language: English

Pages: 152

ISBN: 9386224070

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Consumers want 24/7 service, they want to share experiences with the company whose product they consume, they want more attention, they demand knowledge of their needs before they even exist and also seek transparency on the prices.”

This is the reality. The world into which you, the e-commerce entrepreneur are stepping into. If you look at the figures from the last couple of years, 50% of the e-commerce ventures that were launched have had to close their doors within twelve months. Today, 80% of the ventures are financially hanging on a thread and cannot hope to receive capital from venture capitalists who have frozen their investments in the first rounds of these young start-ups.

In a globalised economic environment, entrepreneurs need to develop an intelligent vision of the world that surrounds them by making a clean break with the existing paradigms. This is the challenge that they will face when launching their e-commerce venture. That means building the e-commerce of the future for today’s consumers.

Flash Winners unpacks the brave and dangerous world of e-commerce for the entrepreneur. It offers a deep and nuanced understanding of the e-commerce world. With feet firmly on the ground, it also offers practical advice to enable e-commerce ventures to achieve that all-too-elusive-goal: PROFITABILITY!



















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