Fifty Shades Lighter: A (very) Critical Reader's Guide to "Fifty Shades Darker"

Fifty Shades Lighter: A (very) Critical Reader's Guide to "Fifty Shades Darker"

Cassandra Parkin

Language: English

Pages: 93

ISBN: 2:00152129

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“I like to whip little brown-haired girls like you because you look like my birth mother... marry me.”

When Fifty Shades of Grey became the unexpected hit of the season, a sequel was almost as inevitable as the collapse of the property market. Unfortunately, the last time we saw Ana and Christian, he was hitting her with a belt. So, how do you go about transforming a man who beats his girlfriend until she sobs with pain into an authentic romantic hero?

Fifty Shades Lighter – the sequel to Lighter Shades of Grey, based on the hit viral blog entry - is a chapter-by-chapter dissection of Fifty Shades Darker, cataloguing unusual leaps of logic, surprising deductions, exciting exchanges of dialogue, opportunities for impromptu musical numbers and – of course – all the ways in which Christian remains just as big a horror-show as he was before.

It also provides detailed textual statistics, including how many times Ana says “Oh my”, how often Ana blushes, flushes or stares at her fingers, how many red-flag abusive behaviours Christian exhibits and a detailed analysis of the exciting existences of Ana’s Subconscious and Ana’s Inner Goddess.

While Fifty Shades Lighter is a comic look at one woman’s quest to turn a violent control-freak into a romantic hero, the rather less funny truth is that two British women a week die at the hands of violent partners. For this reason, 50% of author royalties from “Fifty Shades Lighter” will be donated to Women’s Aid.





















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