Evolutionary Computing in Advanced Manufacturing (Wiley-Scrivener)

Evolutionary Computing in Advanced Manufacturing (Wiley-Scrivener)

Manoj Tiwari, Jenny A. Harding

Language: English

Pages: 257

ISBN: 0470639245

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book presents and explains evolutionary computing in the context of manufacturing problems.

The complexity of real-life advanced manufacturing problems often cannot be solved by traditional engineering or computational methods. As a result, researchers and practitioners have proposed and developed in recent years new strands of advanced, intelligent techniques and methodologies.

Evolutionary computing approaches are introduced in the context of a wide range of manufacturing activities, and through the examination of practical problems and their solutions, readers will gain confidence to apply these powerful computing solutions.

The initial chapters introduce and discuss the well established evolutionary algorithm, to help readers to understand the basic building blocks and steps required to successfully implement their own solutions to real-life advanced manufacturing problems. In the later chapters, modified and improved versions of evolutionary algorithms are discussed.

• Provides readers with a solid basis for understanding the development of mathematical models for production and manufacturing-related issues;

• Explicates the mathematical models and various evolutionary algorithms such as Genetic Algorithm (GA), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), Ant Colony Algorithm (ACO);

• Helps scholars, researchers, and practitioners in understanding both the fundamentals and advanced aspects of computational intelligence in production and manufacturing.

The volume will interest manufacturing engineers in academia and industry as well as IT/Computer Science specialists involved in manufacturing. Students at MSc and PhD levels will find it very rewarding as well.

About the authors

Manoj Tiwari is based at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He is an acknowledged research leader and has worked in the areas of evolutionary computing, applications, modeling and simulation of manufacturing system, supply chain management, planning and scheduling of automated manufacturing system for about 20 years.

Jenny A. Harding joined Loughborough University in 1992 after working in industry for many years. Her industrial experience includes textile production and engineering, and immediately prior to joining Loughborough University, she spent 7 years working in R&D at Rank Taylor Hobson Ltd., manufacturers of metrology instruments. Her experience is mostly in the areas of mathematics and computing for manufacturing.

















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