J. R. Karlsson

Language: English

Pages: 2850


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When troubled author Jakob Sandberg breaks free of the Clearer Minds mental institute, he finds himself falling into Escana, the world of his own creation.
Therein he must view the land through the eyes of his protagonist, a man tasked with killing six powerful individuals that threaten the stability of an empire.
Hounded by the law, Jakob's fate is intrinsicly linked to many figures both kind and monstrous:

An innkeeper's son is torn from his comfortable life and thrown into chaos after uncovering a murderer's secret.
A farmer's daughter flees the murder of her abusive former lover into the arms of something entirely worse.
A Warden uncovers old enemies and relives a painful decision in his task of upholding the law.
A woman schemes in high places against a former love at the feet of the Emperor himself.
A blacksmith's past finally catches up with him and the consequences of his denials soon become fatal.
A sewer-dwelling fugitive attempts to undermine a tyrant with the help of a mysterious and powerful ally.
A desert creature is captive to the very beasts its kind hunted.
An assassin is exiled for a subversive truth implied and must exact vengeance in dangerous circumstances.

From the peaks of the white city of Levanin to the deserts of Sah'kel, these entwined characters drive the plot forth to its inevitable conclusion.

A conclusion that Jakob himself has never written.


















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