End of the Line (Inspector McLevy)

End of the Line (Inspector McLevy)

David Ashton

Language: English

Pages: 28

ISBN: 2:00194660

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

'David Ashton's writing is excellent, his characters thoroughly convincing, and his narrative grabs you - I was going to say, by the throat - and doesn't let you go' - The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

'McLevy is a sort of Victorian Morse with a heart, prowling the mean wynds and tenements of the endless fascinating city. David Ashton impeccably evokes Edinburgh so vividly that you can feel the cold in your bones and the menace of the Old Town's steep cobbles and dark corners' - Financial Times

'Dripping with melodrama and derring-do' - The Herald

'Ashton's McLevy ... is a man obsessed with meting out justice, and with demons of his own' - The Scotsman

Exclusive eBook-only edition.

When the body of a handsome, fleshy man is found on the Newcastle to Edinburgh train with the livid mark of a garotte round his throat like a lethal necklace, naturally the first port of call is Leith Police Station and Inspector James McLevy. The corpse is discovered to be one 'Count Borromeo', a ruthless seducer and amoral bigamist; it soon emerges that Jean Brash's coachman, the ginger-haired giant Angus Dalrymple, was also aboard the train and is the number one suspect, a fact that sets Jean and the inspector once more at daggers drawn. When McLevy and Constable Mulholland finally unravel this case, the murderer is confronted in a deadly encounter on the girders and high gantries above Waverley Station.

This is an adaptation of an episode of the BBC series based around the Victorian detective James McLevy, developed for Radio 4 by David Ashton.
















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