Easy (Flap Tucker Mystery, Book 1)

Easy (Flap Tucker Mystery, Book 1)

Phillip Depoy

Language: English

Pages: 138

ISBN: 0440226171

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A missing woman. A killer on the loose. And an Atlanta private eye who meditates his way to the truth....

Check out the Majestic Diner At 3 a.m. Look for a man named Flap and a woman named Dalliance...

Flap Tucker isn't like other private eyes. He's a mystic, a finder of lost things, a veteran of a foreign war who lives on the wrong side of town and lets his mind go freely to nirvana. Now, in the city that Sherman burned but didn't bury, where good ol' boys and transvestite hookers pass in the downtown Atlanta night, Flap Tucker is beginning the strangest case of his already strange career.

Flap's best friend, the beautiful nightclub owner Dalliance Oglethorpe, wants Flap to find the vanished wife of a millionaire scion--a half-wit who may have made the woman up in the first place. Real or not, Flap starts looking for one Augusta Donne, and finds, instead, the brutal murders of two topless dancers and a transvestite who was ritually slain. Each step of the way, the case grows more sinister, until Flap suddenly reaches that place only he can go: where all the universe is interconnected, where a Zenlike truth illuminates the path, and where Flap Tucker, the man with all the answers, is standing in a killer's way....














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