Daughters of Zion: My Family's Conversions to Polygamy

Daughters of Zion: My Family's Conversions to Polygamy

Language: English

Pages: 224


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A memoir of misguided faith, unholy violence, and spiritual awakening. An odyssey of mayhem, murder, and tragedy is what Kim's family unknowingly embarks upon in their quest for a peaceful existence in an unorthodox religious society. It is on a deceptively fine spring day, at the tender age of seven, that Kim is uprooted from her comfortable middle class home in Utah to be moved into a polygamous colony in Mexico. From that day forward her life takes dramatic twists and turns. One by one, her older sisters become plural wives. Eventually, Kim herself is courted by the polygamist fathers of some of her good friends. Her relatively peaceful world is shattered when violence erupts within the ranks of the priesthood leaving her sister a widow, and Kim fears for her own life as some of her closest friends become murderers in the name of religion. In the end, her family is devastated by a tragedy fomented by an even more insidious evil.

“Kim Taylor is a gifted story teller - and what a story she tells in ‘Daughters of Zion’! Raised in a notorious polygamous sect, daily breathing in all the seductions and delusions of plural-marriage theology, Kim nevertheless couldn’t ever swallow the lie completely. Guided by a strong conscience and prodded by tragedy after tragedy she eventually broke out of the psychological prison of polygamous pseudo-religion...”
—David Kupelian, author of The Marketing of Evil

“It was curiosity about polygamy that led me to pick up this book, but it is the author’s craft at storytelling that made it impossible to put it down. Kim’s riveting, honest portrayal of her courageous search for deliverance from what she eventually recognized as dangerous dogma cloaked as religious truths, is both intriguing and inspiring”.”
—Mary Ann Cook, speaker, author of Honey I’m Home For Good!

“An unbelievable story, told with compassion. Taylor is a natural storyteller. I couldn't put it down!”
—C. Hewitt, columnist, author of Parenting Through The Eyes Of A Child.

“In the days following his visit, I contemplated Mark Chynoweth’s warning. For years he had been like a kind and cheerful brother to me–was he now capable of extreme violence in the name of religion? Two terrible questions loomed in my mind above all others: Would Mark actually kill for Ervil? Would he even try to kill me? Rumors that Ervil’s congregation
had taken blood covenants with one another, promising to carry out his murderous death threats, chilled my heart and filled me with dread.”
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