Collected Works, Volume 48: Letters 1887-90

Collected Works, Volume 48: Letters 1887-90

Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels

Language: English

Pages: 669

ISBN: 2:00222086

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Volume info:

Volume 48 contains Engels' letters dated from January 1887 to July 1890. Many of the letters are to key participants in the working-class and socialist movement in Europe and the USA. Other letters contain information about Engels' work in carrying on the editing of Marx's writings, especially Capital Volume 2. A recurring theme is Engels' fear that rivalry between the great European powers will bring war, which will destroy the nascent socialist movement.

MECW info:

Marx/Engels Collected Works (MECW) is the largest collection of translations into English of the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It contains all works published by Marx and Engels in their lifetimes and numerous unpublished manuscripts and letters. The Collected Works, which was translated by Richard Dixon and others, consists of 50 volumes. It was compiled and printed between 1975 and 2005 by Progress Publishers (Moscow) in collaboration with Lawrence and Wishart (London) and International Publishers (New York).

The Collected Works contains material written by Marx between 1835 and his death in 1883, and by Engels between 1838 and his death in 1895. The early volumes include juvenilia, including correspondence between Marx and his father, Marx's poetry, and letters from Engels to his sister. Several volumes collect the pair's articles for the Neue Rheinische Zeitung.

Other volumes in the Collected Works contain well-known works of Marx and Engels, including The Communist Manifesto, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon, and Capital, lesser-known works, and previously unpublished or untranslated manuscripts. The Collected Works includes 13 volumes of correspondence by the mature Marx and Engels, covering the period from 1844 through 1895.
Although the Collected Works is the most complete collection of the work by Marx and Engels published to date in English, it is not their complete works. A project to publish the pair's complete works in German is expected to require more than 120 volumes.











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