Cold War (Terminator: Salvation, Book 3)

Cold War (Terminator: Salvation, Book 3)

Greg Cox

Language: English

Pages: 214

ISBN: 2:00181832

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

We Fight Back

Russia 2003. When it appears that the United States has unleashed its entire nuclear arsenal upon the world, Captain Dmitri Losenko, commander of the nuclear submarine Gorshkov, has no choice but to retaliate. His target? Alaska.

Alaska 2018. Fighting for survival in the frozen wilderness, Molly Kookesh struggles to protect her makeshift Resistance cell from the Terminators. Inspired by John Connor’s radio broadcasts and following a brutal encounter with a fearsome machine, she decides it’s time to fight back…

An official novel exploring the post-judgment day world of the hit movie Terminator ® Salvation™.



















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