Bastial Steel (The Rhythm of Rivalry: Book 2)

Bastial Steel (The Rhythm of Rivalry: Book 2)

B.T. Narro

Language: English

Pages: 314


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Dragged to an unfamiliar continent transformed by war and monstrous creatures, Cleve’s path home has never been less clear. With a place in a king’s plot, a princess who wants to marry him, and the companionship of a brash Sartious mage, Cleve learns that—while some battles are won with a sword—others are played out through a more delicate dance.

But Cleve has never been one for delicacy.

Soon he’s making tidal waves in every puddle he crosses on his path to return home.

NOTE: It’s recommended that Bastial Energy and The Sartious Mage be read before this novel, but it doesn’t matter which book is read first between those two.

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