Air Warfare: An Encyclopedia, Volumes 1-2

Air Warfare: An Encyclopedia, Volumes 1-2

Walter J. Boyne

Language: English

Pages: 808

ISBN: 2:00193599

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Air Warfare: An International Encyclopedia is the first encyclopedia to document the entire history of aerial combat, from the primitive biplanes of World War I to the sophisticated stealth fighters of the 21st century. The more than 900 entries, lavishly illustrated with photographs and maps, cover it all -- the first, the fastest, the highest, the latest. More than 100 top international scholars and experts -- many with personal combat experience -- offer thoroughly researched, clearly written articles on the famous aces, designers, battles, air campaigns, weapons, and flying machines of air warfare's first 90 years.

Accessible to student, enthusiast, and scholar alike, Air Warfare provides the reader argument-settling expertise, lively and entertaining entries, and answers to thousands of questions: Who first used air power against civilians? How did a handful of Royal Air Force aces defeat the mighty Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain? Has bombing alone ever won a war? Where does the future of aerial warfare lie?


















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