A Millennium of Turkish Literature: A Concise History

A Millennium of Turkish Literature: A Concise History

Talat S. Halman

Language: English

Pages: 185


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From Orhon inscriptions to Orhan Pamuk, the story of Turkish literature from the eighth century a.d. to the present day is rich and complex, full of firm traditions and daring transformations. Spanning a wide geographic range from Outer Mongolia and the environs of China through the Middle East all the way to Europe, the history of Turkish literature embraces a multitude of traditions and influences. All have left their imprint on the distinctive amalgam that is uniquely Turkish.

Always receptive to the nurturing values, aesthetic tastes, and literary penchants of diverse civilizations, Turkish culture succeeded in evolving a sui generis personality. It clung to its own established traits, yet it was flexible enough to welcome innovations and even revolutionary change.

A Millennium of Turkish Literature tells the story of how literature evolved and grew in stature on the Turkish mainland over the course of a thousand years. The book features numerous poems and extracts, most in fluid translations by Halman. This volume provides a concise, but captivating, introduction to Turkish literature and, with selections from its extensive Further Reading section, serves as an invaluable guide to Turkish literature for course adoption.















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