A Death to Remember

A Death to Remember

Roger Ormerod

Language: English

Pages: 354


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Fifteen months ago Cliff Summers was brutally assaulted.

Recovered, although still suffering from memory loss, Cliff returns to his hometown with no job, no home and no prospects.

Also newly returned is Tony Clayton, a local garage owner who’s just been released from prison after serving time for the attack on Cliff.

Cliff’s plan to forget the assault and rebuild his life is scuppered when the two men meet.

Not only is Clayton adamant that he’s been wrongly accused – his wife has gone missing, and he wants Cliff’s help.

It soon becomes obvious that Cliff’s lost memory is the key to this and several other mysteries.

And with the help of pretty Nicola Waldon – who has replaced him in his role as Social Security Inspector – Cliff starts to investigate the events of that fateful day.

But Cliff’s memory is patchy, and as he isn’t even sure of who he really is he can’t be certain of his level of involvement in the crimes that emerge.

Faced with murders, disappearances, drug-dealing and blackmail, Cliff and Nicola soon find themselves out of their depth…

And very quickly 'A Death To Remember' Becomes Impossible to escape.

'A Death To Remember' is a chilling mystery story that is perfect for fans of Nikki French and Peter Robinson.

Praise for Roger Ormerod:

‘The story gallops along with an irresistible momentum...always fascinating...the shape is near perfect. The characterisation is splendid, the situations dramatic and compelling, the style economic and energetic. What more can a book offer, or a reader ask?’ - Reginald Hill

"Eclectic, underrated Ormerod can be relied upon to come up with the startling goods" Sunday Times

"I am glad to announce that the detective novel is still alive and well in Mr Ormerod's skillful hands " The Spectator,

"Fast-moving, with well-orchestrated jiggery-pokery; not unlike an early Dick Francis in tone and method” Times Literary Supplement

Roger Ormerod (1920-2005) was a prolific writer of ingenious and densely plotted crime novels - some 35 in all - which were published in the UK and the USA. He lived in Wolverhampton and amongst other things worked as a civil servant and as a Social Security inspector – backgrounds which he made full use of in his fiction, as he did with his hobbies of painting and photography.

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